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May 26, 2018 | by John
Suda51 Announces killer7 Port at Momocon

Suda51 has announced at his Grasshopper Manufacture Momocon panel that a port of killer7, the much beloved and complete trip of a game, will be coming to Steam.

The original game, which released in 2005, was a third person action-adventure on-rails shooter starring a group of assassins called the killer7. These assassins are all actually the personalities of one man, Harman Smith, and each personality has unique abilities and personalities. A variety of twisted and intriguing events unfold, and you as Harman/killer7 must take down a suicide bomber cult called Heaven Smile.

This release seems to be a very straight port of the game, with only an HD coat of paint applied to the release. At least now you won’t have to pull out your Gamecube or PS2 to play what many consider to be Suda51’s best game.

This re-release will come out “this Fall”, with no other consoles confirmed currently. I will say, I’d be very surprised if this didn’t come to PS4 and Switch, to mirror the original PS2 and GCN release of the game.

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