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September 23, 2016 | by Michael
Update: Street Fighter’s Update Adds PC Security Concerns

Update: Leave it to Capcom to finally update SF V only to end up taking it away. According to the official Street Fighter Twitter account, Capcom will begin to roll back their recent security update to the game. That’s great to hear, and even better that they’ve been so quick about this, but at this point it’s another toss into the bucket labeled “What the hell Street Fighter?.”

Original Story: Maybe we should just be happy that Capcom is still updating the harrowed Street Fighter V. Recently Urien was added to the game, along with some stage updates, and a few tidbits here and there. However, it appears all that good stuff comes with a small kernel of concern for PC players. While updating their anti-crack solutions in the game, Capcom seemingly made some worrying changes. Street Fighter V will now have access to your computer’s system kernel which could give them control of the entire PC. While it’s incredibly doubtful Capcom would ever use this for nefarious reasons, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that someone else could.

The Street Fighter V community is already up in arms over this decision, and it adds to a lengthy history this game has. Between the lack of content at launch, the continued delayed updates, and now this, it paints a very bleak picture for Street Fighter’s potential future.

This is all in addition to some reports that players are having troubles running the game post-update. The Street Fighter twitter has acknowledged some problems, but it’s not clear if they mean the security concerns or something else.  Street Fighter may be the de facto fighting game, but nothing stays the same forever, and this may be the start of a huge shift.


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