August 15, 2016 | by John
Street Fighter V’s Next Round of Updates Detailed

Street Fighter fans have been wondering what’s next for the fifth entry ever since Juri Han was added to the game last month. Wait no longer, true believers, as Capcom has detailed what will be coming in the next few weeks.

This month, a harsher consequence for rage quitting will be implemented. If a player quits matches before finishing them, they will lose League Points and won’t be able to play online matches for a short amount of time. This will be added after maintenance tomorrow, and Capcom claims a more “robust” system will be added next year. I’m not even sure what else could be added on top of this basic action, but I’m more shocked it took them so long to figure out you just need to put any kind of consequence in to curb quitters.

September will bring a much needed addition to the game, VS CPU matches. Yes, that’s right, it took them seven months to put in something pretty much every other fighting game has at launch. Capcom will also finally be adding their fight money daily challenges, which will allow you to earn fight money at a non-snail’s pace. New colors will be added to premium costumes, and many more colors will be available to buy with in-game or real money. Capcom says “more will be announced”, which hopefully means the final season one DLC character, Urien, will hit that release window.

A lot of these things seem too little, too late, but at least after September I won’t feel bad telling people to spend twenty bucks on Amazon to pick the game up. I’m not surprised Urien won’t be available (even though modders have made him playable on the PC version months ago), but Street Fighter V is finally a full game seven months later.


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