May 24, 2015 | by John
Street Fighter V Playable at Community Effort Orlando

Community Effort Orlando is Florida’s biggest fighting game tournament (and may be Florida’s biggest video game event period), and it just got a serious kick in the pants. During a trailer played during the Combo Breaker event this weekend, plans were revealed for a playable demo of Street Fighter V to be present during CEO.

(For those sensitive to it, there’s a light jumpscare-kinda thing at 31 seconds. Just in case.)

This will be the first time Street Fighter V will be playable in a public setting. There have been public showings in the past, but they were all controlled and onstage during Capcom events.

CEO is not only hosting this demo, but it will also have a playable demo of Tekken 7, a 15,000$ pot bonus to Killer Instinct and Ultra Street Fighter 4, as well as a 10,000$ pot bonus to Mortal Kombat X. The official CEO Twitter made reference to another announcement involving Super Smash Bros down the line, so we’ll have to wait for more details on that end.

CEO2015 is set for June 26th-28th at the Orlando Windham Resort. For more info, visit the official CEO website.

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