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October 5, 2017 | by John
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Announced

We’re all well aware of how poorly Capcom handled the launch of Street Fighter V. It was as barebones of a launch as any had ever been, angering everyone except the most hardcore FGC member. As time went on, Capcom put the ship back on course, adding a (terribly written) story mode, a challenge mode that helps you earn in-game currency, and a cast of excellent DLC fighters. Those changes didn’t impact sales in a meaningful way, so Capcom’s decided to hit the reset button on SFV, so to speak.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will include all the content from SFV that has been released thus far, sans costume packs. That means every character from season one and two of the DLC, the story mode, and a host of new features added to this edition. A standard Arcade mode will be added, pitting you against a group of characters from each era of Street Fighter history. There will also be new modes elaborated on in the future, and every character will gain a new V-Trigger skill, changing how they play significantly.

Capcom claimed when SFV came out that you wouldn’t need to ever buy a new disc to get every bit of content, and they’re still upholding that claim. The arcade mode, new modes, and V-Triggers will be added as free updates for existing players, and the DLC characters are available with either fight money or real money right now. Arcade Edition is just a quick way for newbies to get in on the game. Arcade Edition will launch for 40$ on January 16th, 2018.


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