December 5, 2014 | by John
Street Fighter 5 Teaser Leaked

This is the second time this year a major fighting game announcement leaked, with Tekken 7 around Evo and now Street Fighter 5 barely before Sony’s Playstation Experience. Capcom accidentally uploaded this trailer to their Youtube without setting it to private, so eagle-eyed viewers watched it and downloaded the video for later viewing. Here it is on Dailymotion.

Street Fighter 5 – Teaser by VersusFightingTV

The teaser has barely any footage of the game, instead focusing on the Street Fighter community, but what is shown looks like a darker paletted Street Fighter 4. The other big piece of news is that SF5 will be console exclusive on PS4, at least for now. A PC version was also confirmed, but Sony seems to want to compete against the Xbox One’s Killer Instinct.

Hopefully the game is much different than 4 and isn’t a rushed upgrade trying to capitalize on the new hardware. Also Karin and Q should come back. Just sayin!

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