Screenshot from The Fermi Paradox. An illustrated portrait of a Black human being wearing astronaut gear is faced in profile to the right against an abstracted, space background. The right side of the screen features various interface elements and controllers for the "Sol System".
August 4, 2022 | by Walker
Starlight Car Episode 8: Answering the Fermi Paradox

The Starlight Car is back in service, and Elvie (@lvmaeparian) has a conversation with Joerg Reisig (@_Chorge), head of Anomaly Games and lead developer of The Fermi Paradox, a game that seeks to build connections across galaxies as opposed to straining and competing against them. Joerg goes into his experience in the triple AAA games industry that motivated his leap into working in games independently. With its more open-ended perspective on humanity, he hopes The Fermi Paradox offers something different in contrast to other similar 4X games. 

You can subscribe to the Starlight Car on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Pocket Casts.

The Fermi Paradox is currently in Early Access, but is already downloadable and playable through Steam and GOG. The game’s soundtrack, by MONA MUR, can be downloaded on itchio, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, and can be streamed on Spotify and Tidal.

You can follow us on Twitter at @VGChooChoo. Elvie can be followed at @lvmaeparian and further developments on The Fermi Paradox can be followed at @FermiGame. The Fermi Paradox also has a Discord server, where you can follow up on updates with the game and converse with the team, as well.

Walker is a bilingual Punk living in Mexico. When he's not getting stomped on in a mosh pit he is online getting stomped on in BlazBlue.

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