June 15, 2015 | by Kay
Star Wars: The Old Republic is Getting More Story with new Expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire
October the 27th be with you

Fans have talked, and apparently Bioware has been listening. Later this year, they’ll be releasing a new, story-focused expansion for MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic titled Knights of the Fallen Empire. The expansion will reportedly focus on weaving a tale full of hard choices and betrayal. Also two gruff shaved-head dudes. At least they probably aren’t named Jack.

Importantly, the expansion will be free for all subscribers to the MMO. That’s certainly a nice change of pace from the usual business with these sorts of games. It’ll be dropping on October 27th, so you’ll have the added excuse of Halloween for why you’re wearing a Boba Fett costume while you play.


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