March 31, 2016 | by Austin
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Comes Stateside June 28

Thanks to the Square Enix Online Store page for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, we now have a solid release date for tri-Ace’s latest space-faring JRPG.

star ocean

The game’s Day One Edition features five equippable accessories, as well as battle themes from the Valkyrie Profile games. If nothing else, it’s hard to deny tri-Ace’s track record of kickass music, so this seems like a fitting addition.

Meanwhile, the game has just launched today in Japan, and has a PS3 version that won’t be released overseas coming on April 28.

I wasn’t so hot on the last game in the series – Star Ocean: The Last Hope – but tri-Ace has enough goodwill with me that I’ll definitely be giving this one a shot. Although if you ask me, the real news here is that the game’s pretty-boy protagonist is named Fidel. Here’s hoping history will absolve this game.


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