June 10, 2019 | by Niall
Square Enix Collective Publishing Top-Down Racer Circuit Superstars

Square Enix’s Collective imprint has quietly been producing some pretty solid smaller games over the past couple years, and following the success of games like Tokyo Dark and Forgotton Anne, they’re now getting into the racing scene with Circuit Superstars.

Aiming to portray the world of motorsport in a “charming” fashion, Circuit Superstars takes some very clear inspiration from old-school top down racers like Micro Machines, which I remember being pretty cool back in the days of the Mega Drive and SNES.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like I’m gonna be able to import my beautiful Monokuma-inspired car from Forza Horizon 4. Oh well. Circuit Superstars releases in 2020 for just about everything, except that Ouya you’ve got laying around.


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