October 30, 2017 | by John
Sony’s Paris Games Week Event Roundup

Sony’s Paris Games Week event just wrapped up, and they had a solid showing of surprising sequels and a handful of new games.

The opening event Guacamelee 2, the sequel to the Mexican-styled Metroidvania. The trailer promises new dimensions to jump into, four player co-op, and new chicken mechanics.

Some other new indies were shown, such as the violent The Hong Kong Massacre and the time-bending The Gardens Between. There were also new trailers for VR titles like Resident Evil VII: Not a Hero, Moss VR, and Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep. It was pretty rough watching such stilted VR trailers, but at least Final Fantasy XV fans can look forward to Episode Ignis on December 13th. Ignis has a ring now, for some reason!

Sony even pulled the “and it’s out…today!” schtick today with Oure, a platformer with Journey-like graphics that tasks you with getting titans back to work. I say let them rest, but if you really need to get them going, Oure is out later.

The last thing shown during the pre-show was, surprisingly, Spelunky 2. The sequel casts you as the original Spelunky man’s child, and that’s all we know so far. But y’all are stoked for it, so revel in it.

An interesting game shown was Concrete Genie, about an artistic kid who can create creatures with their magic paintbrush. They’re getting bullied throughout the trailer, and if I were them, I’d make those creatures beat the holy hell out of those little turds. That one breathes fire! You know what to do!

Sucker Punch’s latest is Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai game that oozes style. Not much was shown beyond that, but hey, it’s Sucker Punch.

The show ended with a trailer for The Last of Us 2, showing some really brutal footage of people getting arms broken and hung from trees. It’s pretty rough! But that’s TLOU, baby, what do you expect?

There were a few trailers for games we’ve seen before, such as Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter: World, and Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s expansion. Here’s the full event:

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