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September 14, 2016 | by Michael
Sony’s Main VR Studio Laying Off Staff

Sony’s London studio is going through a round of layoffs which includes some senior level staff. Sony confirmed that these layoffs were compulsory, meaning they were planned from the beginning. Any major project, especially several projects that must be planned for PS VR, would downsize at some point and Sony is saying these layoffs were simply part of the end of production.

“Regular reviews take place throughout SIE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a competitive landscape deliver on our strategic objectives in the best way possible.”

The London studio had been responsible for several of PS VR’s early demos and game ideas as well other titles like Playroom and EyeToy games. A lot of the discussion around PS VR almost always discussed the London studio and the work they were doing there. London Heist, a VR demo turned into a real game, was the source of a lot of buzz at E3 2015.

It’s never nice to watch a studio suffer from layoffs. What especially smarts about this one is how close we are to PS VR’s release. London Heist was made a lot of the gaming press get behind PS VR when it was first shown off and now some of those developers are looking for work. Hopefully everyone lands on their feet.

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