September 7, 2016 | by Michael
Sony’s End of Summer Meeting Summary

Sony went on stage and announced a handful of products that no one knew about in advance at all.

Echoing their original PS4 announcement years ago, things were kicked off right away with the PS4 Slim. Despite weeks of leaks and sales, the system was shown off as just a simple redesign, not another SKU on shelves. The slimmer version will be available September 15th, next week, for $299. So for the newcomers to PlayStation, all two of you, you’ll get a smaller, and cheaper, model that is now the new standard.

Next up, PS Neo finally got a name, PS4 Pro. This new console version will focus on 4K and HDR by upgrading the GPU and custom hardware. Several upcoming games were shown, like Spider-Man and For Honor, in 4K, and while they did look better it’s hard to tell any real differences since I, like many others, don’t have a 4K display. It does seem current and upcoming games will be getting some sort of upgrade while running on the PS4 Pro but those improvements will differ from game to game. The Pro’s other focus,  HDR, is something else you can’t see unless you have a 4K TV. It made their presentation, via a live stream, very underwhelming. Blacks are blacker, colors more colorful, and you couldn’t tell the difference without being there in person. I believe Sony is telling the truth, I bet those games look awesome, but it all looks the same to me. Luckily Pro will detect our normal HD TVs, and automatically adjust the display. It’s nothing crazy new, and the changes weren’t powerfully noticeable, but I’ll take cooler-looking, pretty, graphics.

Plenty of games were shown “using the power” of the PS4 Pro. Everything was in trailer form so it’s hard to believe if it was in-game footage, or just a PC render. Call of Duty: Infinity War, Black Ops 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Mass Effect: Andromeda were all shown off. 

The PS4 Pro is coming on November 10th and will cost $399.

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