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November 9, 2017 | by Michael
Sony Increasing Move Production for PSVR Push

A few weeks ago a close friend and I went out for some food and beer. After a hefty meal at the nearby German restaurant, we spent the remainder of the night shooting things in PlayStation VR. It was the first time in months, probably since E3, that I had even thought about PlayStation’s virtual reality peripheral. My friend was pretty enthusiastic and I was reminded that virtual reality can be a lot of fun. Away from my friend’s living room and the handful of beers however, virtual reality has hit a bit of a lull, but Sony is preparing to once again attempt to convince you that VR is worth it.

Sony is starting to increase production for their Playstation Move controllers. The seven year old motion controllers were adapted for Virtual Reality after the launch of PSVR, and now are used in over half of its titles. The increase is in response not to more Sony first party titles, but instead due to Oculus and HTC Vive titles being ported over. Sony is still the leader in the virtual reality market, having sold more units than either Vive and Oculus. Maybe if Sony can manage to maintain some momentum and make some of their own games for the platform, they’ll lead the way in this new medium.

Sony is also pretty sure that games are PSVR’s future. Even though the majority of virtual reality content is non-interactive, Sony says games are the cash cow in the VR mobile market, and PSVR (and Playstation Move) can reflect that.

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