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May 31, 2018 | by Solon
Solon’s Intro Post

You are reading from the one-and-only Solon (mononym, he/him), and it is with great honor that I get to represent you for the coming future as a member of the Video Game Choo Choo video production team. I’ve been a fan of Video Game Choo Choo for the last year and there is a lot I’d like to offer to the inspiring community and to the larger gaming sphere as we move forward together. 

First of all, when I see the VGCC community I see a community that represents youth, eccentricity, and wildly creative energy – the people that I’ve gotten to meet in VGCC, in the discord chat, and alumni of the site show me a legacy of a gaming website that is unlike any others. There is a heart here that I want to explore through video. There is some kind of essential human truth that ties us all together through our connection to games.

Last year when Scott and John streamed WWE 2K18, they built a beautiful professional wrestler by the name of The Real Imp Fantastic, and he had tattoo’d across his back an image of Kneesocks (an antagonist from Panty & Stocking) holding hands tightly with Jeff Boomhauer (an antagonist from King of the Hill) with the quote “True Love Follows No Rules”. I knew watching this, with tears in my eyes, that this is the greatest moment of my life. We need more Imp Fantastics to find their ways into our hearts ~ Solon is here to make it easier for all of your Chooch favorites to perform and find their spotlight!

Supersmooth Randalman Junior, Jr.

But who is Solon? I am your Prince of Play, I live in Seattle, Washington, and I have been an independent Let’s Play producer on YouTube for the last seven years with the express goal of making a professional, evergreen production style that finds the heart of games. I’ve done LPs exploring every main game genre, but I find the most joy when I get to perform Visual Novels and Otome Dating Sims. I’ve been playing a lot of Sea Of Thieves this last few months. I lean towards RPGs, character-action games, rhythm games, and creative indie games, but I’ll also slam down in Overwatch or Rocket League. I am usually very soft and warm, and that becomes fiery passion when I get into competitive spaces. Outside of games, I love cartoons, wrestling, and reality TV competitions. I listen to a lot of vocaloid music and other bubbly pop tunes on YouTube. I am a super-bi gemini, and I am proud of my undergraduate degree in the Comparative History of Ideas from the University of Washington.

There is a lot of the time that you make stuff on YouTube or Twitch where you are alone through setting up, editing, performing, advertising… It is an isolating process that can grind at your spirit. That loneliness can build a bubble around you that makes it hard to escape your own self-made content cycle. Grinding another video, grinding another livestream, grinding another game… And that is why I am so excited to finally be part of this team! Video Game Choo Choo reinvigorates me with new hope as it means my struggle doesn’t have to be alone anymore- our many hands can make lighter work for eachother! I have a hope to help everyone bring even more of the same VGCC that you already love, and maybe even some new experiences that make you feel emotions you’d never thought possible.

~It’s time to ring in the new era of VGCC with some royalty, your Prince of Play, Solon, is here~

Hit me up! I’m on twitter @Solonface


You made it all the way down here? Great job! And thank you!

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