June 18, 2018 | by Michael
So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

After years of traveling down this ole dusty video game train trail, it’s time for this cowboy to mosey on. It really has been a long road. I started at VGCC because I wanted a place to focus, finally, on writing about games. Instead I got so much more. I met a group of friends who were passionate and talented enough to propel this site forward. We’ve done so much just in my time with the site and even though I’m moving on I’ll continually look back at Chooch to see what new heights it’ll reach.

For me, though, it’s time to move on. It’s time for me to push myself and see where I land. Life is a constant state of motion and it feels good to sit down, but you need to always get back up and keep moving. I need to keep moving.

I am not sure where, exactly, I’ll end up. Perhaps another site will come calling, perhaps I’ll freelance around the internet, or maybe something else will come along. Life isn’t a sure thing, but I’m going to try and steer it in my direction.

I leave behind a great group of talented people. Friends who have shaped not just my writing and prose, but who I am. It really does feel like us against a much bigger world of video game coverage, and I love it that way. It made the punches we landed hit harder, and the ones we missed not hurt as bad. It made every hint of success taste better, and even more so when you could celebrate warmly with friends. I know that VGCC will continue to move forward, conquering new horizons. Like many of you, now, I’ll be on the sidelines rooting them all on.

What started as a friend’s recommendation, and a hastily written sample piece about Yu-Gi-Oh games, has turned into a solid foundation. Now it’s time for me to build upward.

So enough mixing metaphors. Lemme grab the reins of this here mustang and get onward before the sun hangs too low in the sky. I leave behind a great group, a great site, and wonderful memories.

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Managing Editor around here, moderator over at Giant Bomb, writer at prowrestling.cool

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