April 8, 2014 | by John
Smash Bros Direct Recap
News Directly to You!

I’m so happy.

So much was revealed during the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct it’s almost too much. ALMOST. Here’s a rundown of the big stuff announced.

  • Smash 4 will be releasing on the 3DS in the summer and Wii U this Winter.
  • Online mode will be split between “For Fun”, which has all items and stages on, and “For Glory”, which is no items and Final Destination only. There will be Final Destination-like versions of every stage, however.
  • The 3DS version will have two songs per stage, and Wii U will have many songs per stage.
  • Some stages will have “bosses” on them, giving you some form of bonus for beating them. Yellow Devil was confirmed as one, and Ridley was teased as another. Maybe the Find Mii boss is one too?
  • There will be online matchmaking bans for disconnectors or other troublemaking players.
  • There will be a ranking assigned to each player called Global Smash Level, which helps with matchmaking.
  • There’s literally a Pong assist trophy. It’s not called Pong, but it’s fucking Pong.
  • A new mode called Smash Run was shown, which acts like City Trial from Kirby Air Ride. Characters run through a stage and collect power ups for five minutes, then fight using them. It’s 3DS only.
  • There will be custom movesets for offline play. Not much was shown about them other than Mario having a bigger fireball and Pit’s arrows being nuts.
  • Sheik and Zero Suit Samus aren’t a part of Zelda and Samus respectfully. They’re separate characters.
  • Yoshi is confirmed to return and is much stronger.
  • Charizard is back but isn’t part of Pokemon Trainer. Both he and Lucario use their Mega Evolutions.
  • Greninja, the water starter from Gen 6, is a brand new fighter.

There’s plenty more little tidbits, but that’s the main stuff. The full, 39 minute Direct is right here.


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