August 22, 2017 | by Michael
Six Years Later, Brink is Free to Play

The game to end all games has been freed from the prison of time, space, and a $9.99 price tag. Brink was a first person shooter that focused on objective based team game. Players could take on different roles, earn new guns and abilities, and experience what was essentially a crude, clunky, version of Overwatch. Since its release in the simpler time of 2011, Brink has been the butt of many jokes. Brink was hyped up as the next great shooter, being made by Splash Damage, who would go on to make Gears of War 4, it impressed at E3. However, Brink would be delayed several times and eventually when it did release, very few people paid attention.

But I paid attention. I have loved you Brink when no one else would. I whispered your name but sang your praises. I was the light in the long darkness that consumed you over time. Now you can all bear witness with me. You too can experience the oddity that is Brink without hesitation or reserve. Brink is now free to play on Steam.

Perhaps. Maybe. Just maybe…this could be a test. To gauge just how much interest there is in Brink. No matter how irrational it may sound, perhaps, maybe, there is a chance…for a Brink 2.

The steam news update on the Brink page gave no further information or hint to why Brink is now free. Nothing about cosmetic items or if Bethesda or Splash Damage just hope new players will flood in and revitalize what’s there.

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