October 13, 2015 | by John
Signs of Twilight Princess HD Discovered

Digging around digital storefronts can sometimes yield gold, and today’s one of those times. Dataminers discovered hints pointing towards a HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii U eShop recently, which could get an official announcement soon.

Originally, an icon for Twlight Princess was found, and many speculated it to be a straight port of the Wii version to Wii U, a la Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Punch Out!! Wii. However, continued examination of the eShop has revealed a listing for “THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Twilight Princess HD”, which seems to seal the deal.

It’s unknown when this will be confirmed, and who knows, this may be a huge mistake. We’ll hopefully find out soon, as it has been many months since the last Nintendo Direct. Who knows, it might be announced on the Late Show tonight.


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