Yacht Club Games, creators of the upcoming indie game and adopted son of mine Shovel Knight, have unveiled a new set of enemy characters! These characters were designed by the incredibly deep-pocketed $1000-tier backers and are to be implemented in to the game as special mini-boss encounters. These new characters are:

  • The Liquid Samurai, designed by Max VanDuyne.  Armed with bows, unbreakable Japanese katanas, and the ability to transform in to puddles of liquid, these enemies will be found near the ending of the game in the lair of the Enchantress.
  • Reize Seatlan, designed by Danny D. Henderson. A young warrior of justice with over-sized crystal boomerangs and an even more oversized anime haircut, Reize roams the countryside indiscriminately fighting all knights because he thinks knights are evil or something.
  • The Phantom Striker, designed by the superbly named Steven Ness. The Phantom Striker is an honorable warrior armed with the ability to control lightning! He is also armed with an incredibly spiky helmet, though I don’t think that’s half as impressive as being able to turn in to lightning.
  • Mr. Hat, designed by Alexander “Hatman” Hatzikides. Mr. Hat possesses a wide array of hats collected from fallen foes, with each hat granting him the abilities of its previous wearer. With a quick swap of headwear, Mr. Hat is able to switch between different fighting styles, and he is now after Shovel Knight’s lovely blue horned helmet.


And last, but certainly not least…

  • The Baz, designed by Matt and Woolie of the Best Friends Zaibatsu. A storm is coming. Can you feel it? Fresh from the Divekicking tournament with his Video Game Choo Choo “Best Character” Golden Whistle Award clutched in his leather-clad gauntlet, The Baz marches onward to invade the world of Shovel Knight. Will our hole-digging-hero be able to stand before the might of The Baz’s spikes, whips, and outrageously tight leather? Or will Shovel Knight become yet another victim of the storm?


To read the full update and to see pictures of all of these new knights, click here!

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