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March 13, 2018 | by Michael
Sega Genesis Collection Coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox on May 29th

Sega is about to take you back to the past, again. Coming out on May 29th to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Sega will be releasing another one of their Sega Genesis Collection games. If you visit any kind of retro game store you’ll probably find one of these sitting on a shelf collecting dust, with many of them over a decade old themselves. This new version will feature over 50 games and the trailer shows a bedroom to potentially serve as an interactive menu. This wouldn’t be too far off from the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics which is currently on Steam.

No word yet on price since Sega hasn’t yet officially announced the title, but they have uploaded screenshots and video of the game to their site. We also don’t know which 50 games will be included. The trailer shows off obvious titles like Sonic, Streets of Rage, and the dope Altered Beast along with a bunch others. This will certainly be better than that current PC collection, since all those games were sold piecemeal for $2.99, but there seems to be one thing missing: No word on a Nintendo Switch port.

I’m not the guy constantly yelling for every game to be on Switch, but this seems like an obvious move to make. Maybe Sega just didn’t want to put the money towards a physical Switch version or maybe they are porting it as we speak. Maybe we’ll learn more whenever Sega officially announces this collection sometime soon.

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