August 2, 2016 | by Michael
Seaman and SimTower Designer Getting Back Into Games

You don’t know Yoot Saito, but you probably know one of his games. Thanks to demanding development schedules, the creator of SimTower and Seaman hasn’t made a game since the 2012 mobile puzzle game Aero Porter. In a recent interview with Wired, Saito explained how game development stopped being interesting to him and his team moved on to research and development. However Saito has since changed his mind and knows that video games are in a ripe market to make money.

So now Yoot is stepping back into development. He hints at making a “spiritual sequel” but doesn’t mention any franchises by name. While the cult classic Seaman did get a sequel that only came out on the PS2, aptly named Seaman 2, his career never truly soared high.

Saito is very committed to what he creates however. SimTower was a game Yoot worked on on his own until Maxis came calling. Four years after SimTower’s release, Yoot went off on his own and created an updated version of the game simply called Yoot Tower. It’s essentially the same core game but with lots of add-ons and gameplay refinements.

Here’s hoping we see some more weird, unique games from Yoot like we have before.

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