July 3, 2015 | by Ryan
Ryan’s Intro
Formerly known as “The guy who wrote the Minions Paradise article”

Hello readers and friends of Video Game Choo Choo! My name is Ryan McDearmont, and I’m the new news writer. After surviving the fast and furious business of writing news for Chooch during E3, I am incredibly excited to become a full member of the VGCC staff.

I’m a radio-television-film student in Austin, Texas, which puts me right in the middle of a whole lot of stuff. I’ve been involved in what I guess you might call “media production” pretty constantly for a number of years now, but I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’m glad I finally get to do it again on such a neat website as Chooch. I also run a couple of radio shows on the college station, so maybe if I’m good the Big John Man will let me crash his podcast every now and then.

I could talk about my love for movies and music for a long time, but since I’ll be writing about games, I’ll talk about my love for them instead. I mostly play stuff on my PC, but I also have a couple consoles laying around, the newest of which is a PS4. I play a lot of RPGs, strategy games, more modern roguelikes, shooters, survival horror, indie games, anything I can play with friends over Steam…the list could go on, as they say. I love anything hilariously terrible, and I’m also a big fan of more obscure PC offerings – I consider myself a permanent resident of Space Station 13.

The first two games I remember playing as a kid were Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Crystal, and now that I think about it, I may very well be the youngest person on the Chooch staff. Regardless, my undying love for Pokemon irrevocably shaped who I am today. I also played the infamous ET game on my parent’s Atari 2600, which I think equally shaped who I am in a much different way.

Anyway, I look forward to working alongside the great folks here at Chooch and I hope to provide you wonderful people with the best content I can muster. I also hope to bring a more obscure flavor to the John Michonski puns – my favorite Flaming Lips album is Embryjohnic.

Editor, writer, and a non-stop consumer of games, movies, and music. Also the resident Texan, a general mischief maker, and a lover of all things atrocious.

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