July 26, 2016 | by Rose
[Rumor]: The Nintendo NX Is A Portable Console You Can Dock In Your TV

New information has surfaced regarding Nintendo’s upcoming mystery console, code-named NX. Sources at Eurogamer are claiming the new system is cartridge based, less powerful than current-gen hardware, and focused primarily on being a hand-held platform with TV docking.

The article claims that Nintendo will be pushing the system with the concept of “being able to take your games with you on the go.” To support this claim, Digital Foundry has stated that Nvidia’s Tegra X1 mobile processor may be used to power the console, unfortunately removing backwards compatibility in the process. The Eurogamer article also states the console will have a tiny max capacity of 32 GB. This bit of news points to the NX possibly being less of a stronger Wii U you can take on the go, and more of a souped-up 3DS you can plug into your TV with ease.

Despite previous rumors pointing towards the ability to gain additional processing power by docking the console at home, the report also claims that the console will handle all processing in its central unit, and merely use the dock as a way to output video signal to a TV. While this would point to the console itself being considerably less powerful than other current-gen systems, a less reliable source in the Digital Foundry report claims that the NX may take advantage of Nvidia’s next mobile processor, the Tegra X2. While still a mystery itself, it is theorized to be potentially much more powerful than its predecessor, putting the NX much closer to parity.

The most interesting take-away from all this is it really seems to point to Nintendo focusing on what they tend to do best: being different. While it’s worrying to see that the console will more than likely be less powerful than its current-gen competitors, which are themselves are getting successors sooner rather than later, the idea of playing that new Zelda, some Splatoon, or even the Miyamoto-confirmed Pikmin 4 on-the-go is an incredibly enticing thought.

Sources are pointing to a full reveal by Nintendo this September at Tokyo Game Show. but we’ll have to wait and see whether that rumor, as well as any of these claims, will hold true in the end.

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