November 29, 2016 | by Rose
Rumor: The Binding of Isaac Developer Hints at Switch Port

Popular rogue-like (or rogue-lite if you’re so inclined), The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has had a second expansion, Afterbirth+, teased since around this time last year. Originally suggested to be a PC-only update, one focused on modding as its core feature, Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez confirmed today that this expansion would also be coming to consoles. While the PC version of the update is out sometime in December, Afterbirth+ will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and a third unannounced console in Spring 2017.

Barring the incredibly obvious fact that the third console will be the Switch, it’s interesting to wonder why Rodriguez is dancing around the subject. Sure, the Isaac devs have always had a history of long drawn out teasing and joking around, but with companies like Bethesda dabbling in similar Switch secrecy, it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear this was by Nintendo’s hand. After all, the only confirmed Switch games we have right now are Just Dance, Sonic, Lego City: Undercover and Zelda, with most of the mock up games in the original teaser remaining ambiguous.

Isaac getting ported to a Nintendo console wouldn’t be surprising either, but given Nicalis’ staunch position on leaving their previous forays ignored, I’m left more than just a little bit concerned. The 3DS version was, and is still, plagued with bugs, constant crashing and freezing, leaving more than a few people frustrated since the developers have continued to handwave it away. The Wii U version ran better, but didn’t get the original Afterbirth expansion, and, as stated in the recent blog post, won’t get + either. Most ports of Isaac have ended up in this type of purgatory, and Nicalis always seems dead set on just sailing from one port to the next, regardless of results.

Hopefully this time the consoles will be sorted out well, although there were never any problems with the original Xbox One and PS4 ports. Ideally the Switch will break the cursed mold left by the 3DS and Wii U, letting people play Isaac comfortably on a Nintendo console. Either way, we’ll find out more about both the Switch, and its games, in the months to come.

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