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February 24, 2018 | by Michael
Rumor: SoulCalibur, DBFighterZ, JoJo, One Piece, and Other Anime Games

We try not to traffic in too many rumors because all rumors should be eyed with a heavy level of skepticism. Even when the stars and planets seem to align and confirm everything we read, or we just really want them to all be true, everyone should treat rumors warily. These rumors fall directly in the “we hope these are true” category.

According to the leaker who posted this information on Reddit, a former Bandai Namco employee gave them a bunch of information. This user is known for posting leaked information on Reddit and some in the community actively try to remind people that not everything the poster says is true. As with all leaks, even if the information is accurate, things can rapidly change. So I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this person is doing this for attention, or passing along real information.


Season one’s DLC leak may have been confirmed with the announcement of Broly and Bardock as the first wave of new fighterz. This leak suggests season two’s lineup is already locked in and will include: Roshi, Videl with Great Saiyaman, Raditz, Zarbon, Kale with Caulifa, Cabba, Tapion, and Gogeta. If this leak is true, all of season one will be out by July, possibly meaning season two would be done by the end of the year. It’s wonderful to see more women “fighterz” in the mix but we’ll all have to hold our breath for Mr. Satan in season three.

SoulCalibur 6:

The finished game will have a total of 22 characters with six others added in DLC. The main roster will include “Hwang, Talim, Grøh’s adoptive father is named Friderich, Maxi’s lover named Jacker…and Roronoa Zoro from the One Piece anime/manga as the guest character.” The DLC will also include another female guest character but no confirmation about who that person could be, or what kind of media they’ll come from. There’s also an intense amount of story tidbits tossed in but anyone who can explain the SoulCalibur story to me is hard to find. There also seems to be some mix up about which characters will slip into the DLC pack and which will make the main roster. Even in rumors the ground is never firm.

One Piece World Seeker:

Just some light details about a game we knew existed. Supposed to be released December of this year, with customizable character costumes and DLC costumes from Dragon Ball, Naruto, Tekken, Final Fantasy, My Hero Academia, and others. The game looks open world, according to the brief trailer they put out, so maybe this will resemble the Dragon Ball Xenoverse game in design.

Anime Game Roundup:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a single player game in development for the Nintendo Switch in the works. Coming from the Naruto Ultimate developers CyberConnect2, this JoJo title is only in pre-production. Considering how early on this title would be, I wouldn’t expect much out of this rumor for awhile. CyberConnect2’s games are often over the top, absolutely gorgeous, and a good mix of style and gameplay making them a perfect choice to develop a JoJo’s game. Rumor or not, this is possibly one of the more exciting tidbits out of this entire information dump.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is not currently in development. However a Dragon Ball (no Z) action RPG is being worked on but no additional information is offered. Seems strange to ignore a hit series of games like Xenoverse to make something from the much less popular Dragon Ball anime/manga. But I do like risks and if I’m the only one freaking out about a Dragon Ball game months from now then so be it.

Finally Bandai Namco has supposedly acquired the rights to develop games for several popular anime franchises. Having the license to make a game, and actually completing the work and releasing that game are two very different tasks. So even if this rumor is true, and Bandai does have these licenses, don’t expect a game from every single anime on the list: Yuri on IceKakeguruiMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon MaidTiger Mask W, and Kuroko’s Basketball.

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