September 13, 2014 | by John
Rumor: Smash on Wii U gets a release date
Grain of salt, as always.

With Smash 4 on 3DS out in Japan already, hype has hit a fever pitch for the next entry in the fighting game franchise. Those of us waiting for the Wii U version, however, finally have a date to look forward to.

Twitter user GodDamnProtoman has seemingly leaked the American release date of the game, which is the 21st of November. The evidence is a picture of a preorder stub from Fred Meyer, a supermarket chain. This isn’t concrete, and may just be a placeholder (it’s the first day of Winter, and coincedentally is the same day the new Pokemon remakes launch), but it’s all we have for now.

smash date

Keep watching this space for any updates on this date’s validity.

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