November 28, 2016 | by John
Rumor: Marvel vs Capcom 4 Coming 2017

After NeoGAF rumors went around for a few days, Polygon is reporting that their sources are confirming the existence of Marvel vs Capcom 4. Set to be released next year, the series’ next entry will be revealed at Playstation Experience this weekend after the Street Fighter V Capcom Cup.

Polygon is claiming that the roster will be filled with Marvel characters from Marvel Studios movies as opposed to characters owned by Fox. I’m not 100% sure sold on this, since Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, and other X-Men characters are so integral to MvC‘s legacy, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Star-Lord, Black Widow, and Groot show up this time around. Capcom characters will be completely up to the developer, but let’s hope they have the smarts to bring Tron Bonne back.

Polygon also notes that “there may be good news for fans of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 specifically coming soon as well”, which reads to me as a re-listing on digital marketplaces and perhaps a much needed patch. Personally, I hope they also re-list Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Marvel vs Capcom: Origins.

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