June 1, 2017 | by Rose
Rumor: Life is Strange Prequel Leaked

Last month, Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of much acclaimed supernatural gay teen adventure game Life is Strange, announced that they were developing a new entry in the series. Apparently an unrelated sequel, the new entry would take place somewhere else, with someone else, and with other somethings. Dontnod was also quick to preface their announcement with the caveat that it will be quite some time before anyone will be able to get their hands on the game, leaving those who are looking for a good hit of adventure gaming rummaging through the ol’ Telltale pile.

Well (seemingly) luckily for those who didn’t want to wait until the far flung future for a new Life is Strange, and for those who just wanted to hang around in the Pacific Northwest a little longer; an Imgur album of concept art and screenshots from what seems to be a prequel to the original Life is Strange has surfaced today.

The interesting thing about this prequel is that it is not being developed by Dontnod Entertainment, but rather by the newly reformed studio Deck Nine Games, formerly known as Idol Minds.

Now while this is still a rumor, there’s a lot of supporting evidence to back up the validity of this leak. Firstly, other sites found one of the screenshots on the Deck Nine website servers before it was quickly taken down. Secondly, Deck Nine has only been known as Deck Nine for all of a few days, publicly announcing their shift to “narrative-based games” with a “AAA-based narrative game” just yesterday.

Looking at the screenshots it seems like this prequel will take place a year or so before Life is Strange, following Chloe Price and her mysterious crush Rachel Amber, whose mysterious disappearance was central to a lot of the game’s starting mysteries.

While the quality of a non-Dontnod Life is Strange may be questionable to some, what worries me more about this game is what it could actually about. Though the idea of visiting a freshly minted punk Chloe and finally getting to properly meet Rachel Amber sounds interesting, unless they break some continuity or retcon just what happened way back when, I’m not sure it will be that exciting of a story to see.

Either way, we’ll find out more about this Strange new game when it’s officially announced, possibly later this month at E3.


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