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April 26, 2018 | by Rose
Rumor: Final Fantasy VII’s Remake is a Long Ways Off

Square Enix hasn’t exactly had a great track record with quick to release games as of late. With Final Fantasy XV‘s 10 year development cycle, and Kingdom Hearts III taking near as long, it’s pretty much become expected that any mainline Square games will always face delay after delay. Now it seems, that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be no exception.

Announced back at E3 2015, little has been seen of the much awaited recreation, though there’s been plenty of news that’s kept people talking. Whether it was the suggestion by a developer that the game would be released in an episodic format, or the shifting between developers between CyberConnect 2 and Square, there’s always been an air of worry around the title, and now it seems the worry may have been well placed.

According to Dan Tsukasa, a professional artist, after Square Enix took full control over the game’s development from CyberConnect 2 late last year, they completely restarted the project from scratch.

In a reddit thread about the topic, Tsukasa posted, among other things:

When has a company taking work away from another company ever been a positive sign of things? I know CyberConnect’s work was unusable, I’ve worked with them before, I know their level.

And I know they outsourced to hell and back in order to get things to the point we saw them publicly, and it still wasn’t enough to save them.

Since posting this comment, and a series of related statements, Tsukasa has deleted nearly all of their online presence, from their original reddit comments, to their various art related accounts, and even their Twitter. While this is all speculation at the time being, Tsukasa’s sudden and rushed disappearance, and his history with CyberConnect, probably paints these facts in a more believable light.

While this probably means that Final Fantasy VII‘s remake is probably not coming out anytime soon, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Final Fantasy VII was a hodgepodge mess of a game, full to the brim with all sorts of crazy ideas that were revolutionary for the time, but haven’t exactly aged in the best of ways. Recent Square Enix job listings have suggested that the company is definitely serious about developing the game as well, going as far as to make their mission statement “Our goal is the realization of a game with quality that surpasses the original.”

Hopefully at the end of time, when Final Fantasy VII: Episode Cloud is released, we will all be able to rejoice and thank Square Enix for persevering throughout the years to bring us the Supernova attack animation in amazing 4K graphics.

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