November 18, 2016 | by John
Rumor: A Mario vs Rabbids RPG is Coming to Switch

I feel the soul leaving my body as I write this. Laura Dale, credible Switch leaker and writer for LetsPlayVideoGames reports that one of the Switch’s launch titles is going to be an Ubisoft developed RPG starring Mario where he goes up against the Rabbids.

Yes, that’s right. Those Rabbids.

Nintendo is purely watching over the game’s development even though it will supposedly be touted as a full collaboration. The game’s plot will be focused on the Rabbids invading the Mushroom Kingdom, with most of them playing villains and a few helping Mario out, including at least one Rabbid party member.

Other Mario characters will be joining the cast, with a heavy focus on Yoshi. There will also be a new form of Bowser that is Rabbid themed.

If this is real, a demo will be available for the press to play in January during the Switch’s formal reveal. The demo will have the Joycons vibrating as if Rabbids are in your Switch, as if this wasn’t enough of a nightmare already.

We’ll, unfortunately, have more on this as it develops.

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