May 8, 2017 | by Michael
Risk of Rain 2 Announced and it’s 3D

It took Jaws three movies before they cashed in on the three dimensional money train, but Risk of Rain 2 is doing 3D right now. Announced via a blog post on Tumblr, Risk of Rain 2 has the difficult task of shifting perspectives while keeping the original, frantic feel. A lot of the systems in the original rogue-like were based on range, but if you can’t see in 360 degrees then you run the risk of getting constantly shot.

Hopoo Games, Risk of Rain’s developer, isn’t saying much more about the sequel, since it’s still very early in development. The art styles looks a little humdrum in the photos, but the .gifs reveal a quick pace. It may end up feeling more like Serious Sam or Devil Daggers before it’s finally finished. Hopefully Risk of Rain 2 can also launch on consoles right away instead of having to wait a year or so.

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