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April 10, 2018 | by Michael
Report: The PlayStation 5 Won’t Come Anytime Soon

If you’ve been rolling around in the video game mud lately, you may have come across some discussion of the rumored PlayStation 5. Over the last month or so video game forums, and some others, have either speculated or downright passed along their knowledge that the PS5 will be coming very soon. 2018 soon. It’s been a pretty popular topic, leaking into other threads and discussions, and evolved into a defacto sure thing among some users. However the evidence was often thin, hidden behind ludicrous Patreon walls, or downright missing entirely. Luckily Jason Schreier of Kotaku did the leg work, asked around, and found out the PS5 won’t be coming anytime soon.

In a lengthy post up on Kotaku, Jason reached out to sources from development studios, including first-party Playstation devs, none of whom knew anything about a PS5. The development kit rumor, a persistent rumor that devs now have early versions of the PS5 to develop on, was also quickly shot down. Dev kits are often just an estimation of final hardware, not an actual finished product.

“When I showed those details to one person familiar with Sony’s plans, they laughed. For the PlayStation 5 to be out this fall, they said, it would already be in manufacturing. (And if that was the case, it’d come as a big surprise to a lot of people who are making games for this fall and beyond.)”

Jason does mention that plenty of developers are hearing, or assuming, that 2020 seems the likely year for a PS5. And yes, this will be a standalone product, not another hardware iteration like the PS4 Pro. Then again a lot can change in two years. When the time comes do not fret, we’ll all hear plenty about the PS5 way in advance of its release.

Jason’s article is a clear example of rumor and speculation not living up to reality. Speculation is not fact. In a world with constant communication we need to sometimes stop filling in the blanks when companies are silent. Or maybe we all need to be more content with the hardware and software we have, before we pour our hearts and souls into the future.

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