May 25, 2016 | by Michael
Report: No Man’s Sky Delayed

With only a month or so left until No Man’s Sky release date of June 21st, it has been seemingly delayed. Kotaku is reporting that a few sources, including one who works at Gamestop, are reporting that No Man’s Sky has been pushed back to July or even August of this year. The Gamestop employee in particular reports that the marketing material they have been given still has June 21st printed on it, but is now being covered up by a large “Coming Soon” sticker.


No official word from Sony or developer Hello Games confirming this delay, but after so much hype, delaying for a month or two isn’t anything to get upset over. While it is frustrating, knowing that Hello Games is dedicated to releasing a complete and stable game encourages me in the final product. No Man’s Sky has been pretty ambitious since we first saw it in 2013 and an additional two month wait is fine by me. Just make it good, please.

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