November 18, 2016 | by Scott B
Report: New Version of Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming To Nintendo Switch

Sources have told Eurogamer that development for a brand new Pokemon game is already in full swing for the Nintendo Switch. Codenamed Pokemon Stars, this will be the third installment in this generation of Pokemon games, and the first ever to be playable on a home console.

You shouldn’t expect to get your hands on Pokemon Stars at launch, however. It was originally slated for Summer 2017, but has been delayed internally for later in the year. Both 3DS and Switch versions of the game were being developed simultaneously, and work on the Switch version was put on pause so that Sun and Moon could be polished up just in time for their launch window.

Stars seems to be Switch exclusive, since the only known way to trade between the Stars version and Sun and Moon is through the Pokemon Bank. Any players who might be looking to pick up the third installment on the 3DS will be disappointed.

An early model of Pikipek with a much higher resolution than the 3DS.

An early model of Pikipek with a much higher resolution than the 3DS.

While it doesn’t seem like a major departure from Sun and Moon since it takes place on the same map, there will be significant graphical upgrades that will finally let you travel with your pals in full HD. It is rumored there will be some Pokemon only available in Stars. Hopefully that isn’t totally the case and Stars exclusive Pokemon will be available in Sun and Moon, since players sticking to those versions could be completely left out.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are out today, available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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