September 10, 2014 | by Mike Cosimano
Report: Has Nintendo Discontinued the 3DS?

We have reason to believe that Nintendo has quietly discontinued the regular 3DS model, possibly to clear the way for the upcoming ‘New 3DS’. Although the company had ceased production of the Flame Red and Aqua Blue models back in 2012, it appears the sole remaining model — Pearl Pink — has been relegated to a Toys R Us exclusive.

A cursory search for ‘Nintendo 3DS’ on some of the biggest retailers of video games in the United States — Target, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop — brings forth a cornucopia of available 3DS XL and 2DS models, but no such luck for the vanilla 3DS. Even searching for a refurbished console directly from Nintendo only results in the Pearl Pink unit.

This is no coincidence; Nintendo’s list of 3DS retailers has the full list of XL and 2DS options (right down to bundles that haven’t even been released), but the only choice for the regular 3DS? Pearl Pink — and you can only buy it at Toys R Us. Much like GameStop, there’s another regular 3DS, but good luck finding one at a store.

Both Wikipedia (yeah, I know) and seem to be under the impression that the 3DS’ cancellation has been public knowledge for some time. When asked for comment, Nintendo had this to say: “We have nothing to announce about the production status of Nintendo 3DS.”


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