March 27, 2016 | by Michael
Report: GTA 6, Tokyo in Production

An anonymous source is telling Techradar some news about Grand Theft Auto. According to them, Rockstar is spinning up production on two separate games, Grand Theft Auto 6 and Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo. The source even says Rockstar recently visited Tokyo to do a scouting trip for the new game.

Tokyo isn’t new for Rockstar. Rumors have been around for years that they’ve wanted to move the GTA series to Japan for an entry, but just never could. Tokyo wasn’t a simple city to render during the Playstation 2 era, so Rockstar moved on and made GTA: Vice City. However, Tokyo wasn’t the only option at the time, with Las Vegas and Bogota floated, and trademarked, as potential locations.

Meanwhile, GTA 6 has just started production. Considering the scope and scale of a typical Grand Theft Auto game, this is an easy claim to make. It would take two or three years before we could hope of a numbered release, which is why a GTA: Tokyo makes the most sense. It would be a tent-pole franchise that allows the developers to explore new locations and take risks they don’t normally do in numbered sequels.

Hopefully Tokyo is simple enough on whatever engine and software GTA 5 was running so that Rockstar San Diego can finish up whatever the next Red Dead game is called. Which they’ll announce at E3. And I’ll weep tears of joy. And jump onto chairs. And scream.

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