August 13, 2016 | by Ryan
Report: Final Fantasy XV Delayed Until November 29th

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Final Fantasy XV would be pushed back from its September 30th launch to November 29th. Now, sources inside GameStop management as well as leaked promotional material seem to have confirmed this delay.

The reports have been corroborated by photographs of instructions guiding GameStop employees to cover outdated promotional materials with newly issued stickers that bear the updated release date. See below:

final fantasy xv leak instructions

Reports also claim that this release date will be confirmed on Monday, August 15th, as this is when the new materials are set to be displayed. As of yet, no word has come down through official channels regarding the delay.

A delayed Square Enix game is disappointing, but not particularly surprising. Let’s only hope that the extra waiting time only makes the experience of hanging with these sweet anime bros that much better.

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