August 17, 2015 | by Michael
Red Ash Would Like Everything In Your Wallet, Also Your Watch

First came Might No.9 and it was good…unless you ask someone who’s played it. Then came Red Ash and it was good…and then some Chinese company funded it and the Kickstarter failed.

Then came a Red Ash anime that was funded. That is unless you ask Studio 4C who is making Red Ash Magicicada. The anime has already raised $162,882 on it’s first Kickstarter but Studio 4C would really like some more. Now they’re asking for an additional $127,118 to extend the twelve minute episode to a full thirty minutes. The donation tiers go up to $5,000 and the stretch goals reach into the millions, promising a full feature film if funding somehow balloons that high.

All of this is utterly ridiculous and we are being taken along for the ride. Inafune could be on a cruise line for all we know and yet his newest franchise is being dragged around squeezing fans for every dollar they can spare. Konami may be turning beloved franchises into gambling machines but at least they aren’t asking hardcore and dedicated fans to fund their manufacturing costs.

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