July 29, 2015 | by Ryan
Red Ash Funded By FUZE

Keiji Inafune’s Mega Man Legends‘ spiritual successor Red Ash is now being bankrolled by FUZE Entertainment, meaning the Kickstarter will no longer have to meet its goal of $800,000. The development is a little surprising, but since the game is roughly $313,000 away from its goal with only four days left, it’s unlikely Red Ash would be funded otherwise.

So what does this mean for those who have backed the Kickstarter? Well, assuming the goal of 800K is met, all those funds would be put towards stretch goals, which unsurprisingly haven’t been announced yet. The promise of stretch goals seems like desperate grasping within an already desperate grasp, but at least we finally know which consoles Red Ash is due out for. Originally, even a single console release was a stretch goal, but with FUZE behind the wheel, Red Ash is due out for PS4 and Xbox One.

The game being produced by FUZE is the first episode of Red Ash, known as “The KalKanon Incident”. According to the Kickstarter update, this is eight hours of gameplay. For anyone who wants more, get ready to pony up your hard-earned allowance to Inafune. Assuming the first episode does well, it’s likely more will be produced, but the essential failure of the Kickstarter funding bodes ill for further reception towards the game.

How about the second Kickstarter for the Red Ash anime? Well, it’s also behind – about 38K from funding with four days left. No word on if the animation will be funded by another company, but its easy to assume it won’t be. All this probably doesn’t spell success for the upcoming Mighty No. 9 film adaptation – maybe Inafune has finally milked Mega Man fans as much as they’ll allow.

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