March 25, 2015 | by Michael
Ready Steven Spielberg

‘Ready Player One’ is all about a video game player living in a strange dystopian future that includes cultural elements from movies and video games from the past. Movies and games we’d find very familiar today. The book has been a title handed around between nerds since its release in 2011 and up until recently the book’s film adaptation had been hopeful but not concrete. That is until some fancy pants director signed onto the project.

Steven Spielberg, director of films like Jurassic Park, Lincoln, and so many others, has signed on to direct Ready Player One’s movie adaptation. Spielberg’s namesake will hopefully bring enough attention and money to the film to recreate the feel of being inside a video game and to bring on board the many video game and movie properties mentioned in the book. No one wants to see generic video game titles in place of classics like Joust or Pac-Man. Though the article I read did mention Warner Bros. ability to get a variety of licenses to appear in The Lego Movie, so perhaps a few video game and movie titles wouldn’t be as tough as Star Wars and Batman were.

It would be nice to start having video game films focus more on the cultural impact of the medium rather than redundant cheap cash-ins like the Dead Or Alive or Street Fighter films. Production is expected to start after Spielberg finishes his current project so expect to see Ready Player One in theaters in 2017 or 18.

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