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March 28, 2018 | by Michael
PSVR Gets Another Price Cut

Maybe one day the evangelists of virtual reality will be able to stop roaming the land urging friends and passersby to try on their headset. Owning a VR headset these days seems less like being ahead of the times and more like belonging to an unpopular cult. PlayStation VR is trying to bridge that gap between cult member and normal games player, as PS VR is slashing its prices.

Starting tomorrow, March 29th, a PS VR headset will now cost $299. That’s down from $349 for the headset only. For the bundle, which includes a headset, camera, demo disc, and Doom VR, it’ll also only cost $299, down from $399. So unless you’re only craving pure headset action, that starter bundle is the way to go. You can also grab the Skyrim VR bundle for $349 which’ll include the game, headset, camera, and Move controllers for precise controls.

That’s a lot of VR opportunity for not so crazy a price. Having only recently tried PS VR myself, I’m still not entirely sold on it. Even with a slate of titles at the ready to play, VR is still floundering since it arrived in full force in 2016. Games seem to get less hype and the money train is now stopping in Bitcoin town and Blockchain-ville. There’s still ample opportunity for VR to thrive but the promises of yesterday still haven’t been fulfilled. Maybe one day soon we’ll all be living in our virtual reality hell-world in our living room, but for now it’s just a slightly less expensive novelty.

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