August 23, 2016 | by Ryan
PS3 Games Headed For PC Via PS Now And Dualshock Adapter

After a leaked promotional image, Sony has officially announced that the PS Now streaming service will be heading to PC sometime in the future. Although no release date has been announced, Sony’s press release states the service will be coming to Europe “soon,” with North America slated shortly after.

To supplement the service’s arrival on PC, Sony also announced a wireless USB adapter for Dualshock 4 controllers. The device will roll out early September, and although PS Now’s PC landing date is up in the air, the controllers can also be used with the current PS4 Remote Play app on PC and Mac.

The USB stick will run at $25. PS Now subscriptions are currently $20 for a month or $45 for three months. The service provides streaming access to a library of over 400 games, including previously PlayStation exclusives like Uncharted 2 &3, The Last of Us and the Sly Cooper franchise collection.

Overall, it seems like this new frontier for PS Now will be a good way for those of us who missed out on the PS3 generation to catch up on all those new PlayStation “classics.” For those interested, check out the PC specs for PS Now below:

  1. Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1 or 10
  2. 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster
  3. 300 MB or more; 2 GB or more of RAM
  4. Sound card; USB port

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