August 22, 2016 | by Michael
PS Plus Raising Prices

Start stocking up on cardboard cards, because PlayStation Plus will be raising its price starting on September 22nd. A year long subscription will now cost $60, up from $50, a three month plan will be $25, up from $18, and a one month plan will stay the same at $10. It’s even worse if you’re in Canada where the year subscription will be $70.

Announced on the PlayStation blog, Sony offers no real reason why PS Plus is getting a bump in price. They remark “new pricing reflects the current market conditions”, which sounds like a fancy way of saying we could so we did. This does mark the first time PS Plus has increased in price since it launched back in 2010, and it’s a hard pill for me to swallow. This brings PS Plus prices directly in line with Xbox Gold prices, and while both feel essentially similar, PSN still lacks decent download speeds or a way to change your username.

It’d be nice to know Sony’s intention with PS Plus. If this was needed to keep servers running, to bring in better games, or just to handle all those new PS4 owners, I’d be more understanding. Without any of that knowledge this just feels like a money grab. I enjoy PS Plus and Xbox Gold when I have them, but with so much tied to those services, I expect a little openness in return.

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