midnight ghost hunter
June 10, 2019 | by Solon
Prop Huntin’ Makes Me Feel Good With Midnight Ghost Hunter

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a game inspired by GMod‘s Prop Hunt format where one team of four ghosts hide and haunt a house, while four ghost hunters try to clear the area of the ghosts. Coffee Stain Publishing and the one-man team at Vaulted Sky Games are putting together a simple format with a lot of cute little twists.

There are quite a few little mechanical touches that add to the prop hunt format, like being able to huck the furniture you are hiding in at your opponents. There is also a timed mechanic where ghosts fight back after the clock strikes midnight that creates a little more drama. It’s simple and cute! If you are interested, you can access the Alpha at http://midnightghosthunt.com

You made it all the way down here? Great job! And thank you!

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