February 24, 2016 | by Ryan
Postal Is Getting A Remake, For Some Reason

The list of games that are considered “important” for some reason or another but are actually pretty mediocre is a long list. I’ll refrain from dropping any names, mainly because the list is totally hypothetical. But if the list wasn’t totally hypothetical, somewhere near the non-hypothetical top of the non-hypothetical list would be Postal. However, if you’re really into isometric old-school edgy mega-violence, or games that have “atmosphere” as their only redeeming quality, good news- Postal is getting a remake.

The remake is called Postal Redux. It’s due out this spring for PC and Mac, with a PS4 release sometime later this year. It’ll (obviously) come with better graphics, as well as “Rampage Mode,” which adds a scoring system with multipliers for consecutive kills and other such arcade stylings. The game is being developed by Running With Scissors, who offered this little tidbit on the game:

Postal Redux will maintain the elements that made the original Postal world-renowned. The grim art style, frightening ambience, the omnipresent ‘demonic voice’ and the marching band will be faithfully recreated in this modern day take on a title which became a symbol for free speech in gaming.”

Really though, I shouldn’t be too hard on Postal. A remake just seems a little out-of-place, especially since at this point most people probably know Postal either from the infamous Uwe Boll film or that part in Postal 2 where you can take a piss on Gary Coleman. There’s a fine line between enjoyably facetious and gratingly flippant, and Postal has always seemed to carefully (or not so carefully) toe it.

But I’m sure this remake will be a great, life-changing, “socially conscious” experience for gamers of all types, especially since Postal totally got famous for its solid gameplay and compelling story, and certainly not just for being a salute to bad taste. After all, in this day and age, what could possibly go wrong with a studio who claims to “give the finger to political correctness”?

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