August 26, 2014 | by John
Pokken Tournament Confirmed
I can finally play as a Machamp!

Pokken Tournament, the long rumored Pokemon fighting game by the Tekken team, has been confirmed this morning. So far, the confirmed characters Machamp and Lucario are decking it out Tekken style, with combos and four-button controls. Blaziken is also pretty much confirmed thanks to an old teaser from a few months ago. Mega Lucario seems to make an appearance as well, but it’s unknown if this is a super move or a separate character. The game is currently announced for a Japanese arcade release and nothing else, but it’s fairly certain a US/Wii U release will occur. Rumors are also circulating saying that Amiibo will be in use for the Wii U version.

Who else do you want playable? I’m hoping for Scrafty and Mega Mewtwo X. Check below for the confirmation trailer as well as the original teaser with Blaziken (skip to 2:32 to see it).

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