July 22, 2015 | by Ryan
Pokkén Getting A North American Test Run
Get your tokens ready, kids.

Are you in North America and are dying to try out the upcoming Pokémon and Tekken crossover, Pokkén Tournament? Well sadly, the game still hasn’t been announced for a wide North American release. At some point in the near future however, Pokkén will be breaching our shores with a small test run.

Dave & Busters, which totally isn’t just Chuck E. Cheese for adults, will be testing the game at certain locations. D&B executive (and one of the creators of the original Xbox) Kevin Bachus confirmed this in a Reddit AMA, which isn’t too shocking considering Tekken 7 is also getting a test run at a measly three D&B locations.

There are 70 D&B locations in the U.S. and Canada but no word yet on how many are receiving Pokkén, or when. Bachus mentioned he is “more optimistic about [Pokkén] and our typical guests than Tekken,” which seems to indicate he and NAMCO are banking hard on the nostalgia factor of their target audience. If that’s the case and the test does well, Pokkén could be seeing a wider release much sooner than expected.

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