June 14, 2016 | by VGCC Staff
Pokemon Sun & Moon Gameplay Revealed

In a prolonged preview event, Nintendo showed off some early gameplay from Pokemon Sun & Moon. The game sure did look like Pokemon, but thankfully Sun & Moon are touting some cool new elements.

Among those are a battle system that allows for information recall; such as being able to see degrees of status effects on both sides and being able to check strengths and weaknesses for Pokemon you’ve battled before. In addition, shadow bars on the top and bottom of the screen now indicate when you’re approaching a trainer battle.

The game will also feature a four-player online mode called “Battle Royale” in which trainers pick up to three Pokemon and work together or against each other in a free-for-all elimination match.

There were also a couple new Pokemon revealed during the demo, the first being an adorably angry and fanged ferret Pokemon named Yungoos. The second was a woodpecker Pokemon called Pikipek. The presenters were careful not to reveal too much info about the game, but we can apparently expect more before long.

Check out some tidbits from the stream below:

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