February 26, 2016 | by Michael
Pokemon Sun, Moon Coming This Year

After the trademark leak from yesterday we all pretty much knew it would be coming. Nintendo announced that a new, full, Pokemon title will be released this year for the 3DS, entitled Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The trailer only says “holiday” of this year and only showed a few glimpses of concept art of Pikachu and Pokemon Centers.

There’s a lot of pressure on Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon X and Y were the last, non-remake, editions of the games and did very well among newcomers and veterans alike. Sun and Moon have the added pressure of the Pokemon 20th anniversary hoopla that only raises the expectations. There is some new information about the re-release of Red and Blue adding the ability to transfer Pokemon from the original games to Sun and Moon. Maybe that’s a clever way to have an influx of the original, more recognizable 150 Pokemon, or maybe it’ll have a deeper gameplay impact.


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